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flute_society's Journal

International Flute Society
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The International Flute Society was once created to be just a LiveJournal community for aspiring flutists. Since opening in 2004, we have grown to over 150 members. This is an environment for all flute players, whether you are a beginner, teacher, or even a professional. Our goal is to unite flute players around the world and create an atmosphere that is comfortable and welcoming.

Coming Soon:
Our Brand New Website!

If you are interested in joining this community, please read the Community
After you read the rules the instructions on how to join and gain posting
access will be at the bottom.

Membership is CLOSED.

We will open membership back up on January 30th due to renovation. If you would like to be accepted into this community, please read the rules and on the 30th, your acceptance will be considered.

Contact Information

aim: internationalflutesociety

e-mail: internationalflutesociety@hotmail.com