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Welcome to the International Flute Society community!

This community is based solely on the flute, flute music, flute majoring, concert band, marching band, and anything having to do with the flute or any instrument in the flute family. Please join if you are interested in or play the flute! To join, please see the


1. Be Considerate! It is unbearable to come to a community and be treated like you don't belong. If you do anything to criticize, discriminate, or bash any other member you will be removed from this community. Even if they did it first.
2. Don't get off topic! This is a FLUTE community. That means we talk about flute! If you're talking about general classical music, that's fine. But if you feel like talking about anything else, there are other communities. We don't mind occassional piccolo conversations here, but we've made a LiveJournal community for that too, so please post at piccolo_society for that, not here!
3. Do not promote! If the community is really that great, e-mail a moderator and we'll promote it ourselves. Otherwise, please don't clog up the posts with unwanted promoting! If it really warrants promoting, we'll be the ones to let everyone know!
4. CUT! CUT! CUT! If your post is unbelievably long, please LJ-Cut it! If you don't know how to LJ-Cut please refer to the LiveJournal FAQs. Nobody likes scrolling through their friends list to find a 5,000 word journal entry!
5. Friends Only! Please make all of your posts "Friends Only". This is a membership only community, so we'd like to keep our posts that way too!
6. Stay Active and HAVE FUN! The reason you joined this community (or are going to) is to have fun and learn more about the flute. Please enjoy yourself, or if you're not, let us know! It's our job to make sure that this community is doing it's job! If you have any problems, feel free to e-mail internationalflutesociety@hotmail.com (yes, we know it's long!) and we'll try our best to help you.

Want to Join?
If you're interested in joining, make sure you've read all of the rules above. If you agree to follow them all, please reply to this post with "Yes! I want to join!" and then follow the directions below.

1. Join the Community!
2. After you are accepted (if you are), you will gain posting access for a period of three days.
3. Post a NEW journal entry with this

1. LJ Username
2. Real Name
3. Grade
4. Location
5. School
6. Instruments - Experience
7. Acheivements
8. E-mail
9. IM/MSN/Yahoo
10. About Yourself

in a LJ-Cut before your three days are up. If it does not have a LJ-Cut or if you do not post within the time limit you will be removed from the community. This will gauge your adherance to following rules and your activity.
4. After the three day period, you will gain full posting access. You are officially a member of the community after this!

+++ As of January 22, 2006 Membership is CLOSED due to renovation. +++

You may still follow through with step 1 and the rules response, but you will not be accepted until January 30th. We are sorry for the inconvenience, but it is for the better of the community!
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Hi! I know posting has been turned off for a bit, but I've been waiting for it to be turned on so I can post the stuff about me. Or am I missing something?
I know you stopped looking at membership applications for a period in January, but have you started again? I applied to join a few days ago but I haven't been able to do the survey yet due to not having posting access... Anyone have an idea of when the community will be back up and running?
yeah, i applied a few days after you, i believe, and i also haven't receieved posting access. hopefully it's up soon.
Hi. I was wondering if I could apply to join?
1. mustangem82
2. Emily
3. graduated
4. Ellicott City, MD
5. alumni of Syracuse U
6. flute and piano for 12 years
7. graduated magna cum laude
8. cusemustang@yahoo.com
9. mustangem82
10. Graduated with my master's in music education last spring, have been teaching part-time since. I have several private flute students and I'm always up for tips on performance and repertoire. I'm a member of the NFA and Flute Society of Washington.


April 4 2006, 21:59:35 UTC 10 years ago

I have to say that I think it is rather ridiculous of whoever is running this community to make everyone that joins jump through so many hoops. Look at your rule #5. There is nothing that you have to say that can't be found in other locations, so why restrict the flow of potentially useful information to those few you choose to accept? And where do you get off deciding who should be privy to your secret information anyway? If you truly wished to exchange information regarding the instrument, you would allow anyone with an interest in the flute and a desire to learn access to your little clique. Rather a juvenile way to do things, I should say.


May 11 2006, 12:04:38 UTC 10 years ago

Hi may I join?
Hi I want to join this community :) Will you accept me? Im a new comer in flute but I really love it :)
Hi, I would like to join. This is my fourth year playing the flute (almost at five!), and I enjoy it very much. :D
1. LJ Username vasundhar
2. Real Name vasundhar
3. Grade researcher, Bioinformatics
4. Location Bangalore,India
5. School IISc
6. Instruments - Experience Flute - Joined Indiranagar Sangeetha sabha (Music School)
7. Acheivements In reseach
8. E-mail bvasundhar@gmail.com
9. IM/MSN/Yahoo all are listed in user profile in LJ
10. About Yourself

I love 3 things in life
Physics and Linux
It's been a little while since I've joined, and I haven't received posting access. Is there something wrong?
1. LJ Username: midori_hitomi
2. Real Name: Sue
3. Grade: Freshman in college
4. Location: Illinois
5. School: UIUC
6. Instruments - Experience: Flute (8yrs)
7. Acheivements: still pending...
8. E-mail: suebriquet@gmail.com
9. IM/MSN/Yahoo: l suebriquet l
10. About Yourself: Art and music are my two biggest passions in life. I've been playing the flute since fourth grade, and I still plan on playing in college. If you're interested in learning more about me, visit my livejournal.
Yes I want to join!